Back and Ready for 2016!


I have been away for a few months, but I am now back!

I’ll be reviewing some fab beauty products, showing you where I’m going on my travels and basically posting anything I find pretty cool!

Before the end of last year, I was sent hair loss treatment, Reseed.

My mum found her hair was thinning due to stress and having chemotherapy a few years ago recovering from breast cancer – so she tried the shampoo and conditioner over a few months so see if it would make any difference.


After using the shampoo and conditioner for a few months, my mum noticed Reseed had significantly improved the appearance of her hair – it had stimulated the growth making her hair look

thicker and overall in better condition.


The double-blind clinical trial carried out on the Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum, by independent Tricologists, showed after just 8 weeks there was a significant change in the rate of hair growth (16% increase)

Noticeably improved levels of shine, body and volume

Greatly enhanced hair condition and density

Prices start from £25 – for more information, please visit for further information.



Conceal & Shield concealer


My skin is always relatively clear; I use the best skin care, wash my brushes regularly and drink lots of water to ensure my complection is at its best.

However, on my chin recently I have discovered a cluster of blocked pores that are all erupting slowly one after the other into horrible spots – nooooo!

As I’m not used to having break-outs, I wanted to make sure  I applied a good concealer that didn’t clog my pores even further and didn’t aggravate my skin to cause more spots.

I was sent Conceal & Shield concealer dispenser pen, which came at the right time,§ as it specialises in concealing acne blemishes and offers a novel ‘teflon’ like coating over the blemish to shield it from bad skin bacteria and reduce inflammation with new ingredient Teflose while flooding the blemish with good skin bacteria with new skin probiotic Biolin.

I used it before I went out (see above pics) and as you can see it covered up my blemishes perfectly! I felt much more confident knowing that people couldn’t see them and had a great night not feeling self-conscious.


Conceal & Shield is FREE from parabens, MI, SLS and perfumes and comes in a handy 4.5ml clicker pen dispenser with fine brush applicator for accurate cover and protection.

Conceal & Shield is suitable for use on all acne and acne rosacea. Available in light, light/medium, medium and dark shades.

Conceal & Shield costs £11.95(4.5ml) Available from



Beat cold sores this winter with Zzip


As we head into the cold months ahead, it is important to keep our lips protected. Zzip cold sore treatment is a protective, water resistant film layer forming liquid for treating cold sores.

I find when I’m run down I get cold sores sometimes, they can be so painful and look awful no matter how much make up I put on to try and hide it – I think trying to conceal it makes it look even worse.

Zzip forms a protective, breathable layer over the cold sore and thereby prevents further distribution of the Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1) and also helps to relieve the painful, burning sensation and protects the cold sore from exposure to further infection.

Zzip speeds up the recovery and reduces the risk of spreading as well as relieving any discomfort, itching and tingling. You should to feel Zzip work its magic in 2 days, it also it transparent, so no one will know you have anything on – use twice a day for the best result.

To buy Zzip cold sore treatment, go to:





La Roche-Posay Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Skin

la roche posay

Since I’ve got older my skin and eye area has become more sensitive –  I find a lot of  eye make up removers use harsh perfumes and chemicals which can irritate and make my eyes water.

I tried La Roche-Posay Eye Make-Up Remover (£11),  – ideal for people who have sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

After a long day at work wearing eye make up for around nine hours, I got home and wiped off my make up with the eye make-up remover on a cotton pad gently. It even removed every element of my mascara, which can be tricky as the one I use can be hard to remove! My eyes weren’t irritated and watery after, which was great.

La Roche-Posay range of cleansers enable gentle and efficient cleaning for instant freshness.

A fab product – I would recommend using this if like me, you have sensitive eyes and skin.

Available from &


My amazing spa break in Portugal….


Last week my sis, Katherine and I left rainy old England and jetted off to the picturesque city of Albufeira in Portugal for a spa break.


                                                        View of the beach from our hotel

We stayed at the Five Star, Grande Santa Eulalia Resort & Spa Hotel, situated on the  quiet outskirts of Albuferia.

grande real hotel

We had a total of four spa treatments each, spaced out over two days – the treatments we had were: an all over body massage,  cranium facial massage, draining massage bath and a jet shower with variable pressure to activate circulation and treat cellulite – it’s safe to say I felt pampered from head to toe after!

kat and moi

                                                   In the spa with Katherine before our treatments



Albufeira is a beautiful part of Portugal, and I would totally recommend going there. It was a mixed bag of people that went, from young families, stag and hen do’s and couples – it caters for everyone! I felt totally refreshed from my spa break and will be going back again in the future…










Going Bronde

Say goodbye to ombre as bronde is taking the hair world by storm this year!

Bronde consists of blonde and brown highlights, creating a natural warm tone to your hair – this look is great for summer and really compliments your skin when you’ve got a tan.

I would recommend going to a hairdressers to get this done if you want it looking professional, DIY kits are OK if you’re on a budget and know what you’re doing, but to play it safe go to a hairdressers.

Celebrities, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez have chosen to go bronde..

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 10:  Actress Blake Lively attends the unveiling of Van Cleef & Arpels redesigned New York 5th Avenue Flagship Maison at Van Cleef & Arpels on December 10, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Van Cleef & Arpels)

Blake Lively


Jennifer Lopez

Since I had my highlights put in, I’ve received lots of compliments. They are underneath the first layer of my hair, so so you can’t see any root growth, which is fab as I only need to get them re-done every once in a while. I like the bronde look as well due it’s low maintenance up-keep.


My bronde locks

So what are you waiting for? Go bronde!

My top 3 products for looking after oily skin…

I have oily skin and always found it hard, especially when I was growing up as a teenager trying to control those dreaded break-outs.

I always had a big juicy spot appear when I had something important happening like a girls night out or a date with a boy I fancied – those pimples would always make an appearance!

The only saving grace about having oily skin is that your skin doesn’t age as fast as people that have dry skin, so I suppose that one good thing – ha!

My tips with skin care and make-up is to use oil-free products as it’s a no brainer that you don’t want to load more oil onto your skin if it’s already oily!

Here are some products I use on my skin that have have helped me achieve my clear complection..

  1. Clinique Anti Blemish Range..


I used the Clinique skin care range and found my skin cleared up significantly – I use the face mask  once a week so get rid of any dirt on my skin.

2. Braun Facial Brush


The Braun Face Beauty Edition offers both a facial cleansing brush to remove impurities at pore level, and a dinky epilator to remove hairs on the face – a great tool to deep cleanse your skin and leave it looking fresh.

Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Anti Stress Peel Off Mask


 This is such a bargain product – it’s only 99p and really helps your skin with fighting spots – the cucumber peel-off face mask helps soothe your skin and removes dirt and oil.

TPQ xx



Hope’s Relief UK Moisturising Lotion



Since I’ve got older I’ve noticed my skin has become sensitive towards products I use on my skin, I opt for more brands that tend to use more natural products over ones that are ladened with chemicals that can irritate and harm.

 I tried Hope’s Relief moisturising lotion every morning and evening after I got out of the shower and loved how it made my skin feel. You can  notice the difference when you use a moisturiser that has natural ingredients instead of artificial ones – my skin felt really nourished and healthy. I have recommended this product to my family and friends – especially those who have sensitive skin or suffer with eczema – this is a skin saviour! I also mentioned it on my Instagram page  @thepamperqueenuk – see below!


Is your skin sensitive and does it react easily?

Watch out for some of these hidden irritants:

  • Nickel – found in many jewellery items, studs of jeans and zips?
  • Leather dye and tannins – watch straps, belts that touch the skin or leather sandals?
  • Detergents and All-purpose cleaners – can include ammonia and other hazardous chemicals. They are designed to break up fats and grease to remove stains but exposure to the skin can cause drying and breaking down your skin’s surface.
  • Phenylene diamine – found in hair dyes!
  • Latex – washing up gloves!
  • Glass and window cleaners – typically include ammonia and isopropanol. These can also irritate your eyes and nasal passages and should only ever be used in areas that are well-ventilated.

The Hope’s Relief range is suitable for all ages, even for newborn infants. It is free from sodium laurel sulphates, parabens, coal tar, artificial colours and fragrances and contains no mineral oils or petrochemicals.


Keeping my skin super soft with Purepotions Oil

Keeping your skin hydrated is really important, especially when you get out of the shower as this is when you can lock extra moisture in.

I tried Purepotions Oil, which helps with ageing skin, scars, stretch marks ,dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone and dark spots – so basically covers all your skin needs!

Purepotions is 100% natural and organic and has Rosehip as its main ingredient which is a firm favourite with many celebrities including The Duchess of Cambridge!


After using this for a few weeks, my skin felt supple and I noticed my stretch marks on my bum and legs were reduced. I also loved how my legs felt after I shaved, making them silky smooth – I would definitely recommend this product and will use it again in the future.

 Pureportions is available from and selected Holland and Barrett Stores and retails at (18.99)

Want to be a Victoria Secret’s Model? Get ready to put your body through ‘hell’….

Poppy Cross, a fitness blogger, did the VS challenge in getting her body into Supermodel shape – and by this she really had to sweat to achieve it.

Girls, take note – these girls work out like professional athletes – so their look isn’t easy to get at all! You really have got to admire the hard work and determination that goes into looking the way they do.

To take a look at the article go to: